WingChun is a martial art system that focuses on the traditional aspects of direct and efficient self-defense along with several decades of refinements.  It is designed to end an encounter quickly, so  all of the movements are practical with no flash.  WingChun uses your natural body movement and does not require a lot of athleticism to perform.  Stability, body mechanics, and technique are emphasized instead of solely relying on raw strength and speed.  Our safe, progressive training program is designed to improve your skill step-by-step.

“Now You Can Learn Authentic WingChun…  Right Here in North Metro Atlanta!”

We are an official affiliate of the International Academy of WingChun® founded by Dai Sifu Klaus Brand and train a distinct system.

Why WingChun?

WingChun is a realistic and comprehensive martial art system that focuses on self-defense, not sport nor esoteric philosophy and theory.   Here you will learn straight-forward techniques and strategies for defending yourself while standing, on the ground, against multiple attackers, or weapons.

Professional Instruction

Many students in martial arts schools get lost when the instructor teaches whatever he feels like for the day — because there is no real curriculum in place.

You will find organization and structure with us in every class.

We use the standardized IAW curriculum to make sure that you get the best quality instruction and proper progression.  Students are grouped according to their level and are given personal, hands-on instruction.  This means that the opportunity to develop functional skill is accessible to everyone.

Being a member of the Academy in Atlanta gives me an opportunity to train a different and unique style of WingChun. The methodology of this system gives me the attitude and tools to be more successful in both training and life. Bryant Asdavut, Accountant

Fun, Friendly Training

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition, our classes have a friendly atmosphere.  We believe that martial arts should not be for just fighters and natural tough guys, therefore, we promote a safe, non-competitive environment where everyone is able to participate, regardless of size, gender, or ability.

WingChun — Self-Defense & So Much More!

WingChun is great for developing skills for self-defense, but the training offers so much more.

Here are just some of the things that you can do with the training:

Increase Confidence
Self-defense training is about fatiguing your muscles, sweating, working on technique, hitting and being hit, and applying techniques on people of different sizes and abilities.  After training, you should be clear in your mind that you honestly know your abilities and what you can do in a real situation.  You can use the same proof to bravely face intimidating situations and take on challenging goals in life.
Manage Stress
Martial arts puts a controlled stress on you.  You will become more relaxed and think clearer in stressful situations.  Physical exercise helps to release the body’s natural chemicals for reducing daily tension and calming the mind.  Also, our classes have an honest, open, and friendly atmosphere.
Improve Health and Fitness
Our training involves body resistance which helps you increase or maintain a strong, toned body.  We have exercises for cardiovascular endurance to keep your heart healthy.  You also learn to develop controlled breathing, which allows you to last longer without getting as tired as before. 
Think Clearer, Quicker, Truer
WingChun is more than just monotonous drills.  The WingChun mindset is to think of how to overcome an opponent with maximum efficiency and stability through scientific technique and body mechanics.  This trains logic and problem-solving.  The nature of combat forces you to think quickly and realistically in real time.
Harmonize Mind and Body
Martial arts requires the mind and body to work as one.  WingChun training involves flowing as your partner moves.  A practitioner must learn to adapt to the situation.  This practices body coordination, concentration, and mental flexibility.
Work Better with Others
WingChun is mostly partner training.  A good partner helps you improve.  It is vital to respect your partner and give and accept objective feedback in order to improve.  We encourage you to train with as many different people as possible.
Have Fun While Being Productive
You can enjoy all of the benefits of WingChun while enjoying yourself.  WingChun is good if you like to accomplish amazing things, solve how to win, and/or socialize with others.

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