Sihing Kurk Johnson

Photo by Stratis Papageorgiou

Title: Sihing, Academy Leader & Instructor

Rank: 2nd Technician Grade (Started Training in 2003)

Other Experience: Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Lee Shing Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Latosa Escrima, Capoiera Angola

I train with Sihing Kurk because of the family atmosphere that he brings to the school. He demonstrates understanding and knowledge of both the current WingChun system and his past experience, which gives you a wider view of complexity and understanding. He works with each of his students and is always asking if there’s more that can be done for us to ensure our success. Because of his contribution, it creates a solid foundation for the Academy of WingChun Atlanta along with his Co-Leader, Sihing Ayron. Being a member of the Academy in Atlanta gives me an opportunity to train a different and unique style of WingChun. The methodology of this system gives me the attitude and tools to be more successful in both training and life. I believe others will see this for themselves if they train with Sihing Kurk. Bryant Asdavut, Accountant

Sihing Ayron Johnson

Photo by Stratis Papageorgiou

I like to keep your WingChun training both practical and fun.

I want students to understand the functional value of every exercise we do. By explaining the learning material simply, you can easily relate to it.

Also, my intention is to make classes fun and enjoyable so you cannot wait to come back!

Title: Sihing, Academy Co-Leader & Instructor

Rank: 2nd Technician Grade (Started Training in 2003)

Other Experience: Shaolin Wu Shu, Wing Tsun, Latosa Escrima, Capoiera Angola, Muay Thai

I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable and approachable mentor in the highly relevant art of WingChun. Sihing Ayron combines a humble spirit with a high degree of proficiency to create a non-threatening environment which fosters the highest degree of technicality in his students. Sihing Ayron’s patient and consistent teaching, along with the high standards he imposes on his students, are an inspirational testament to his passion for this spectacular combat art. I am truly grateful to have such an instructor. Leo Golowinski, Payroll Director

Sihing Daniel Johnson

Title: Sihing, Instructor

Rank: 2nd Technician Grade


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