Is your style traditional?
Will I learn something like in the Ip Man movies?
What is your lineage?
How is your system different from other styles of wing chun and other martial arts?
Is your style hard or soft?
Why don’t you follow relaxation, centerline, chain punching, etc. commonly associated with wing chun?
Why does it seem that you do “hard” blocks?
How does WingChun work against a bigger, stronger person?
What benefit do I get by taking your WingChun class besides going to the gym, learning from my buddy, a book, the Internet, YouTube, or any other martial art class?
What can I do if regular class does not fit my schedule or I live far away?
Do you have any other locations? Do you recommend any other schools not affiliated with you?
Do you have a kids class?
How much are classes?
Can I come and watch the class?
I have previous wing chun/ martial art experience. Can I come in and practice my chi sao?
How long does it take to become proficient in WingChun or a WingChun Instructor?
When do I start learning chi sao?
Do I get to learn Biu Jee and Wooden Dummy?
Does your class have Qi Gong and meditation exercises?
Is WingChun a good workout? Will it help me lose weight and get into shape?
Do you spend a long time on strength, conditioning, endurance, and cardio?
Will I learn about Chinese culture and history in WingChun class?
Can I train WingChun if I am older, a petite woman, uncoordinated, overweight, or out-of-shape?
Does WingChun fight on the ground?
Will I get injured training WingChun?
Since WingChun is for self-defense, do you have any offensive techniques?