How to get stronger with WingChun

Let’s cover the topic of how WingChun training can improve your strength and the difference between physical strength and WingChun strength. WingChun specific training such as chi sao involves maintaining your position against pressure from your partner. Therefore, your partner provides the resistance, which is different from weight or body weight training.

A typical scenario in WingChun training is when your partner presses inward from the outside of your arm to try to attack your body. You defend by making a tan sao movement with your arm to press to the outside in order to prevent your opponent’s arm from reaching its target.

Of course, the scenario that was just described is only one of the positions that we train as they constantly change. Other positions would work different muscles. Also, holding pressure with the arms incorporates your leg muscles as well because you need a strong stance to keep your balance. The result is functional, total body resistance training.

Training in this manner not only makes you physically stronger but also develops proper body alignment and leverage so that you can apply your physical strength more efficiently in fighting. For instance, there are optimal positions in which you are at your strongest. So, using good WingChun technique can even make you stronger than with just physical strength alone. Therefore, our training method not only makes your body toned and strong but WingChun strong.

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