Take An Intro!

Have you been reading the books and articles, watching the movies and videos, or just researching something fun and active to do? Are you interested in taking classes but need help making a decision?

The best way to experience WingChun is by trying it out for yourself. Watching someone else perform the movements is different than doing them.  It is better that you get a feel for the art as well as the instructors, students, schedule, location, facility, etc.  We offer our Intro Program for this reason.

The Intro Program allows you to try the class at no obligation.  During the Intro, we will explain how our Academy works and teach you the basic movements, exercises, and applications.  You will also meet our students and take private lessons with our instructors.  If the Intro goes well, we will offer you an invitation to join and go over the requirements for membership.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for the Intro:

  1. Contact us to schedule your intro by clicking the contact link in the menu and submitting our web form, calling us by phone, or visiting us in person.
  2. Come at least 15-20 minutes early on the first day to go over some preliminary things (Ages 12-17 need a parent/guardian to sign-up).
  3. Wear a white t-shirt, dark exercise pants or shorts, and dark, clean martial arts shoes (Street shoes are not allowed on the floor. Barefoot is ok for the Intro).

Ready To Try WingChun?

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