WingChun Class vs Fitness Gym

Studies indicate that the majority of people who have gym memberships never really use them.  Instead, thousands prefer to take martial arts classes, like WingChun. Let’s cover some of the reasons why you should consider classes at Atlanta WingChun over going to the gym:

  1. Accountability
    One key to getting in-shape is consistency.  If you don’t train, you will not get gains. But working out alone every week takes self-discipline, and sometimes you need a little help.  At Atlanta WingChun, we will give you the direction and feedback that you need to improve. Also, both the instructors and classmates will push and motivate you.  
  2. Excitement
    Working out at the gym is extremely boring for a lot of people.  One reason is that they lack variation in their routine. WingChun is a highly engaging activity.  Your mind is constantly being stimulated with either learning new techniques or flowing with a partner.   For many students, it doesn’t even seem like they are working out because they are having so much fun.
  3. Community
    Our group classes require that you interact with people.  The comradery from training together forms a special bond among classmates. For some, the class becomes a second family.
  4. Functional
    Atlanta WingChun classes not only get you in shape, but you also learn something useful.  The knowledge and skills that you obtain can help if you happen to be in a self-defense situation.  In fact, every movement that you learn in Atlanta WingChun class has an application for self-defense.  

Interested in trying classes at Atlanta WingChun?  Schedule an Intro here.

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