WingChun Focus

If you want to get anything done, you need to focus – from being the best in your field, to meeting a deadline on your job, to beating a level on a video game. But nowadays there are distractions all around. Our phones can easily disturb us from our tasks with constant notifications from emails and social media. It is so easy for time to slip by once we get on the internet. Time can also slip if you are just living for the weekend or late-night social activities. While all of this is not bad in moderation, it’s easy to stagnate or degrade if you are not careful. Before you know it, time passes by, and you never accomplish your goals in life.

If you are lacking focus then taking classes at Atlanta WingChun can help. Why? One of the archetypal qualities of a martial artist is laser focus. Everything in WingChun requires focus. You start by learning the basic movements. Perfecting each requires precise coordination of the arms, legs, and body. Then you learn how to combine the techniques and make them fluid. Of course, the obvious reason for focusing is not getting hurt. Training with a partner requires reacting to quick attacks coming at different angles. In a real fight, the consequences of a split-second lapse in focus can be devastating.

Now, not everyone who practices WingChun trains hardcore. Some just want to get fit, relieve stress, or have a social outlet. But the ability to harness the focus that you learn from WingChun fundamentals carries over to everything you do in life and can help accelerate your path to achieving what you really want. Because for a WingChun Warrior, the fight is both in combat and in life, therefore, we focus.

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