WingChun Seminar 3-29-15

Date:  Sunday, March 29, 2015
Time: 2:30-4:30 PM
Location: Marietta Martial Arts, 2145 Roswell Rd #200, Marietta, GA 30062
Student Fee: $25
Guest Fee: $35
Testing Fee: $20 (Student Level 1-2)

Want an introduction to WingChun or to just see what our Academy is about?  Learn WingChun at our open Seminar.  Our experienced local instructors will give you the important details, repetition, and coaching you need to walk out capable and confident.  Below are some of the topics and skills that will be covered:

  • Key concepts and methodology of the WingChun system
  • Attacks for disabling an assailant’s body, limbs, and balance
  • Stable positions for surviving powerful attacks
  • Harmonizing the feet, body, arms, and mind for natural, efficient, and powerful movements
  • Strategies for obtaining a safe, superior position
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