WingChun Seminar 7-24-16

Get official training in the International Academy of WingChun from our certified local IAW Instructors and see how our success system can help you become confident and capable for self-defense and other areas of your life. The seminar is for in-depth training of the IAW curriculum (forms, exercises, applications) according to rank and testing for the next rank. Open to all, no prior experience required.  As a bonus, guests will receive 10% off of the sign up fee for regular classes.

Guests will:

  • Learn how WingChun works for self-defense
  • Receive an introduction to the fundamentals and an overview of the concepts
  • Learn reliable techniques and practical applications
  • Train exercises for building skill
  • See other students of different levels and local Instructors in action


  • Member Attendance: $30
  • Member Attendance + Testing: $50 (Student Levels 1-2)
  • Guest Attendance: $40
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